What are the common smart facing holder failures

What are the common smart facing holder failures

Ⅰ. The smart facing holder code does not flash when turning the light
smart facing holder

Software settings (the light does not flash, mainly because the code converter is not working, start with the software settings to solve this problem)
1. Decoder settings in the software (decoder protocol, COM port, baud rate, parity bit, data bit, stop bit)
2. Replace a COM port (check whether the COM port is damaged),
3. After the hardware is set as above, it still cannot be used normally. Open the 9-pin to 25-pin converter interface. Check whether the wiring is 2-2, 3-3, 5-7. If it is correct, check whether the power supply of the code converter is normal (use a multimeter to test the voltage and current (9V, 500MA)). If there is no problem, it can be determined that the code converter has been damage.

Ⅱ. Unable to control smart facing holder decoder

There is no relay sound in the smart facing holder decoder.

1. Check whether the decoder is powered;
2. Check whether the code converter is plugged in to output 485 signal;
3. Check whether the decoder protocol is set correctly;
4. Check whether the baud rate setting is consistent with the decoder (check whether the address code setting is consistent with the selected camera (see the decoder manual for the detailed address code dialing table);
5. Check whether the wiring between the decoder and the code converter is wrong (1-485A, 2-B; some decoders are 1-485B, 2-A);
6. Check whether the decoder is working normally (the old decoder is powered on after one minute of power failure, and whether there is a self-check sound; when the software controls the pan/tilt, there will be voltage changes between the UP, DOWN, AUTO ports of the decoder and the PTCOM port. The situation depends on the decoder 24VOR220V, some of these ports of the decoder will have switch signal changes), if there is, the decoder is working normally, otherwise the decoder is malfunctioning;
7. Check whether the fuse of the decoder is burned out.

Ⅲ. Unable to control smart facing holder

1. Check if the sixth item above is normal
2. Whether the output voltage of the 24V or 220V power supply port of the decoder is normal
3. Supply power directly to the UP, DOWN, and PTCOM lines of the pan/tilt, and check whether the pan/tilt can work normally.
4. Check whether the power supply interface is connected incorrectly
5. Check whether the circuit is connected wrongly (the old decoder is UP, DOWN, etc. lines and PTCOM to directly supply power to the pan/tilt, each line can be directly connected to each line of the camera and pan/tilt; some decoders are independent power supply interfaces

Through the above investigation, the problem of the smart facing holder can basically be determined. If you are not sure, you can consult the smart facing holder supplier and the professional will solve it.



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