How to judge the hardware of Ebook Readers

How to judge the hardware of Ebook Readers

1. Screen

The screen is the most important part of Ebook Readers, so when we buy Ebook Readers, we must pay attention to the condition of the screen.

Ebook Readers

2. Resolution

Resolution is also a very important indicator, it has a greater impact on our reading experience. In recent years, the common ppi of Ebook Readers are 167ppi, 212ppi, 227ppi, and 300ppi. Currently, there is no Ebook Readers product higher than 300ppi on the market. Under the same size screen, the higher the screen resolution, the better, because the higher the screen resolution will be sharper and clearer on the font display. The current mainstream small screen Ebook Readers can basically reach 300ppi.

3. Size

The screen size has a greater impact on the reading experience and portability. A larger screen means more content can be displayed and more layout requirements can be met, but at the same time its portability is also worse. At present, the common sizes of Ebook Readers are mainly 6 inches, 7 inches, 9.7 inches, 10.3 inches, 13.3 inches, etc. The 6-inch small screen is mainly for reading pure text content, comics and PDF format books, at least 9.7 inches or more, otherwise the reading experience will be difficult to guarantee.

4. Memory

Generally, the memory of Ebook Readers on the market is basically 4G and 8G. Excluding the memory occupied by the system, 4G memory generally only has more than 2G of storage space. Therefore, it is recommended not to buy products with too small memory. If you are using a large-screen reader to view PDF files, sometimes a file can reach hundreds of megabytes. When the available space is not large, several files will jam the memory. full.

5. Touch and handwriting

Most of the current Ebook Readers support finger capacitive touch, but in addition to supporting capacitive touch, some brands also deliberately add electromagnetic pen handwriting function, especially for deep reading, handwriting annotation function is more necessary, and handwriting function is daily It can also be used as a notebook. It is also a good pastime for writing, practicing calligraphy, or graffiti.

6. Front light

Most people call the Ebook Readers reading lights as backlights. In fact, this is the wrong name. Mobile phones and tablet screen lights are backlights, and Ebook Readers are all front lights. The difference between the backlight and the front light is: the front light shines from above, just like a flashlight shining on the screen, so that it will not directly hit the eyes; the back light is emitted from the bottom through the screen and will shoot to the eyes, which is also easy to see on the phone One cause of eye fatigue. The current mainstream small-screen Ebook Readers basically have a front light.


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