What needs to be paid attention to for customized smart shooting phone holder

What needs to be paid attention to for customized smart shooting phone holder

No matter how the anti-shake mechanism of the mobile phone lens module is upgraded, the performance improvement is still limited, especially for scenes where the shooting jitter of moving objects is relatively large, and the best solution that can provide stable shooting at present may be a customized smart shooting phone holder. Next, let's take a look at the points that need to be paid attention to in the customized smart shooting phone holder.

customized smart shooting phone holder

1. Appearance: honest and round shape, compact but more attractive

The overall shape of the customized smart shooting phone holder seems to give people a sense of security. The size is about half the screen of a mobile phone, but it is more refined and has a sense of technology. It has a weight in the hand, but it is not particularly heavy. The body is made of high-strength composite materials. From the initial point of view, the quality is really good and durable. Degree is strong. The compact design of the gimbal improves portability to a certain extent. The weight of 200g is the same as that of a normal smartphone, so there is no pressure to carry it with you in a backpack.

2. Performance: advanced artificial intelligence algorithm, a variety of gameplay

Compared with ordinary pan/tilts, the dedicated camera APP for customized smart shooting phone holder provides a lot of interesting black technology functions, especially its built-in independently developed artificial intelligence algorithm, which can intelligently follow up portraits and objects. At the same time, using the official APP, you can even use the smart follow-up function for online live broadcasts, video calls, and so on. It also provides a lot of practical and fun photography functions, such as: panoramic shooting, smart follow, time-lapse shooting and so on.

3. Smart follower

A customized smart shooting phone holder can be clicked on the relevant object in the mobile phone screen, the PTZ will automatically lock the target to focus and follow the shot, the actual effect is not bad, the object with obvious contrast with the environment background can be perfectly recognized and perform the follow shot, but Try to avoid chasing objects that move too fast, or the pan/tilt moves too much, otherwise it is easy to lose track, and there is no problem with shooting static objects, moving people and other sports.

4. Live online

In addition to taking photos and vlogs, the smart follow-up function of the customized smart shooting phone holder also provides technical support for the online live broadcast function. At present, common live broadcast platforms at home and abroad, such as Fackbook, Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok, etc. APP, can be used normally.

5. Panorama mode

In the panoramic shooting mode, the customized smart shooting phone holder will automatically rotate the phone to take multiple photos from different angles, and then automatically synthesize a panoramic photo. In fact, this is similar to the panoramic effect of the mobile phone, but due to the combination of multiple single photos, the imaging The quality will be higher, the details are still clear when zoomed in, and there are no obvious flaws at the joints of the photos. This is a good application for shooting landscapes and large scenes.


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