How to choose a Best Ebook Readers that suits you

How to choose a Best Ebook Readers that suits you

With the continuous development and progress of the Ebook Readers industry, Ebook Readers have become more and more popular in the past two years. Many friends look at the variety of e-books and don't know which one to choose. Today, let's learn how to choose the Best Ebook Readers that suit them.

Best Ebook Readers

A few basic principles for choosing Best Ebook Readers:

1. It is the long-lasting power.
Buying Best Ebook Readers is for the convenience of carrying, and you can read your favorite books at any time, so the longer the standby time, the more convenient it is to carry out!
2. Protect your eyes, do not hurt your eyesight.
As book fans, the sharp drop in vision is a problem we have to consider, and the material of the screen and the technology used determine the impact of the screen on vision. At present, the display screens used by Best Ebook Readers mainly include e-ink screen, LCD screen, TFT screen, cholesterol paper screen and so on.
3. Screen size.
The screen size is usually expressed in inches, and the screen size refers to the length of the diagonal of the screen. Common ones are 4.3 inches, 5 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 9.7 inches, etc. The screen is too small, too few words can be displayed on one screen, and it is too tiring to keep turning pages. The screen is too large and inconvenient to carry.
4. Supported file formats.
It matters how many common formats Best Ebook Readers can support, the fewer formats the book will be harder to find. The larger the format for direct reading, the easier it is to find the book. At least the common TXT, CHM, HTML, PDF, JPG, BMP, PDB, DOC, etc. should be supported.
5. Best Ebook Readers prices.
Price is also a key factor for everyone to consider. No matter how good something is, if it is too expensive, we can't afford it. What everyone considers is a cost-effective ratio.


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