Teach you how to judge the quality of Ebook Readers

Teach you how to judge the quality of Ebook Readers

Ebook Readers not only protect eyes but also save electricity, not only have massive resources, but also their paper-like display effect is much more comfortable than reading on mobile phones or tablets. However, the quality of the current Ebook Readers on the market is uneven, and many indicators that are difficult to quantify cannot be reflected in the parameter table. So how do we choose a suitable Ebook Reader?

Ebook Readers

Below we analyze how consumers should buy Ebook Readers from the aspects of brand, software, reading experience, etc.

Top brand

Although the brand cannot explain everything, it can serve as a good reference. At present, the mainstream brands of Ebook Readers have book resources as a selling point, some focus on serving PDF reading, and some are pushing handwritten notes. Different brands of products have their own characteristics, but any Ebook Readers can not meet all the expectations of everyone, so you have to choose according to your own needs.

Second, the software

1. Operating System

Ebook Readers operating system is divided into closed and open. Ebook Readers manufacturers all adopt a closed system, which can guarantee an excellent reading experience on the positive side, but in fact this approach is also a means of bundling users and promoting book consumption on their own platforms. The other is to use an open Android system, which can maximize the integration of the paper-like display effect of the ink screen and the powerful expansion performance of the Android system, which greatly enhances the playability and interest of Ebook Readers.

2. Format support

Even though many brands of Ebook Readers are bundled with their own bookstores, in many cases, the built-in bookstore resources cannot meet the demand. This requires importing books from outside, so the format is a limitation issue. Currently, the mainstream book formats include EPUB, TXT, PDF, and MOBI. However, those electronic paper books that use a deep customization operating system are often very single in file format support, and even common formats may not be able to support all of them. For electronic paper books with an open Android system, the supported formats are generally more comprehensive.

3. Book resources

Traditional electronic paper book manufacturers like to use the number of books on the platform as a selling point, while most electronic paper books that use an open Android system do not have a bookstore, but support downloading third-party Android reading applications. In this way, users can download which application from which platform they want to read, and users have greater autonomy. This can break the platform restrictions and give users the right to choose freely. The richness of its resources is far beyond that of e-books on a single platform.

Third, other aspects

1. Afterimage

After-image is when the page is turned by non-full brushing, it will leave traces of the previous page, and the after-image may be light or heavy between different products. Many people are more concerned about the afterimage processing ability, after all, the splash screen is harmful to the eyes. But with the development of the screen, the current products have made great progress in the afterimage processing compared with the earlier products.

2. Grayscale

The gray scale is like the 260,000 colors and 16 million colors of the mobile phone screen. Different levels represent different picture effects. The more levels, the more delicate the picture effects can be presented, the more natural the transition, and the pressure on the vision. The smaller. A 16-level grayscale product means that the panel has 16 levels and levels from all black to all white. Ebook Readers currently on the market are divided into three types: 4-level grayscale, 8-level grayscale, and 16-level grayscale. The 16-level grayscale display effect is the best, especially when reading comics and pictures.


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