Topjoyonline TS26
A 720 degree camera with dual Lens that capture the world around you in 360 video format video. With surround and multiple view modes, immerse yourself in the world with this Full HD 360° camera. Flip your real life into virtual reality

720 Degree
Immerse yourself and capture 720 Degree of 1080p video with this Full HD 720° camera. With a unique wide angle lens, the panoramic camera allows you to select multiple viewing modes to capture various vantage points of what you love to do.
Dual Lens
Dual Lens and Double Sensor, help better immersion effect
Download the FREE iOS or Android App and gain the flexibility in controlling and viewing what you record on your panoramic camera via Wi-Fi. This easy to use app lets you toggle between viewing options, start and stop record, snap photos and much more.
VR Shooting Mode
Flip your real life into virtual reality

Item  No. TS26  Panoramic (VR )Camera
Sensor OV4689 
WIFI Module 802.11 b/g/n  
Camera lens 210°Fisheye lens*2 
Video  1920×960 30fps  ; 1440×720 60fps, 1440×720 30fps
Photo 2M (1920×960) 5M3040x1520
WDR support
File format H.264,mp4
Memory Class 6 and above up to 128G 
Gsensor Build in
Speaker Build in
MIC Double   MIC
White balance support
Exposure support
Connections USB 2.0 , 
Battery   Battery  Detachable  1300mAh
Weight 102g with batteries