Waterproof and Anti-shock, This 4K Action Camera looks the Same as GoPro Hero4


Extreme sports are very popular now, especially for Europeans. How to capture the moments of extreme sports? Of course is to use the action camera! But the action cameras must withstand the test of all kinds of extreme conditions with athletes. Here introduce Topjoyonline TH3, which is a 4K action camera that waterproof, anti-shock and looks the same as GoPro Here4.

4K Action Camera Topjoyonline TH3

When it comes to extreme sports action camera, GoPro is the first action camera brand that comes to our mind. GoPro sports action camera has simple appearance, compact body, and can shoot very clear images and videos. However, GoPro sports action camera is expensive. Therefore, a lot of people choose the other sports camera. Topjoyonline TH3 is a very good alternative for GoPro action camera.


Features of Topjoyonline TH3 4K Action Camera

Topjoyonline TH3 is a 4K action camera.

Topjoyonline TH3 has the same size as GoPro Here4.

Topjoyonline TH3 is 30 meters waterproof

Topjoyonline TH3 is a Wi-Fi action camera

Topjouonline TH3 is a cheap action camera


The action camera is not for using hands to shoot images or videos; according to different needs of various occasions, action camera accessories various in kinds. The most common is fixed on the helmet and fixed on the automobile. Of course, put action camera in a protective case can strongly protect action camera from shock. But to be honest, if without using protection case, the action camera is easy to be damaged, but fortunately, the accessories are the come with the 4K action camera, so you do not need pay more for the accessories.