Five unconventional uses of an action camera you never thought off


Actions cameras typically pack in a lot of features, high quality wide angle lens and performance into a lightweight and rugged design. You can use these cameras for things where a standard camera would easily fail or break.


On sporting equipment

A common idea about action cameras is that they're solely good for recording extreme sports like surfboarding, skydiving or snowboarding.

Even if you play a more conventional sport, you can use an action camera to record from distinctive angles. for example, you can mount the camera on a cricket bat, tennis racquet, volleyball net, golf club or even near a basketball hoop to get a singular perspective video. Since most action cameras support high frame rate recording, you may be able to use it to improve your game.

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Bicycle wheels & handlebars

Place the camera on a stand or mount at an angle that it covers your movements and play on. you can analyse the footage later or consult a professional. Do keep in mind that although they're rugged, action cameras are not indestructible. for example, they could not survive continuous hits from a cricket or golf ball.

Handlebar mounts for action cameras are easily available -you can use one among these to mount it on a bicycle or motorbike. Once mounted, the wide angle video of the landscape that you just ride through makes for excellent viewing (Tip: it also makes for great time-lapse videos).

If you would like a unique angle, you'll be able to also install the camera close to the frontrear wheel axle. The Bracketron action camera bike axle mount from eBay global straightforward purchase (`3,100) that lets you firmly install the camera on the front shaft of your bike. If you do not wish to pay that a lot of, you'll be able to also produce your own makeshift DIY mount -you'll find varied tutorials on YouTube for DIY mounts.



Use it as a dash cam

Dash cameras still haven't caught on a lot of despite the obvious benefits. If you do not wish to spend extra on a touch cam, you'll be able to convert an existing action camera for the purpose.

Thanks to the de-facto wide angle lens, it will easily cover the whole view in front of your car. There are car mounts (suction or clip-on) available that you just will attach to the front windshield or rearview mirror within the car. The mount has an extendible arm on that you can mount your action camera for use as a dash cam. Since a number of action cameras currently use the microUSB port for charging, you can simply connect your standard car charger thereto during driving to keep it running. Some action cameras also go with a dash cam mode that will auto start-stop recording as the engine is switched on-off.



See what your pet sees

Ever wondered what your pet does when you are not around? you may have CCTV put in to keep an eye fixed on your house, but those do not cover everything.Your pets may wander out of the house and you will not even come to know. to get a glimpse into your pet's life, you can get a pet mount.

This kind of mount usually comes with a harness that lets you place the camera on your pets back or near a collar.Just attach the camera, start recording and let go.

Most cameras provide you with a couple of hours of video on a full charge -enough for you to induce a view into what makes your pet's average day .

If you like, you'll be able to set it to require a photograph each 10 minutes or so to extend the usefulness.


Take advantage of the size

One of the main things in favor of action cameras is their compact size and weight.

Combined with the variety of mounts you get, it are often rigged or attached in unique places.

You can place your action camera on a roller coaster, on the outside of a automotive, on a room chandelier, on a lawn mower, on top of another camera, on a skateboard, on a kite and even on a tethered helium balloon to get videos from completely different angles and point of views. Use the waterproof housing for the action camera when at the beach, at the swimming pool or even for something crazy like the inside of a washing machine.


You're only limited by your imagination.

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