China Factory Wholesale 4K Action Camera with Remote Control


 Unlike few other famous action camera brands from China, you may find it is very hard to find something out about Topjoyonline. Topjoyonline as a brand is quite new to the market. Topjoy manufacturers action camera in many different colors and offers 4K action camera, Full HD 1080P action camera, and SD 720P action camera. Topjoyonline TH3R action camera come with remote control and Wifi.


In the table bellow you will see a complete specs with a list of features both hardware and software that the wifi action camera has.
What's inside the package box of Topjoyonline TH3R?
Because Topjoy’s business were main for ODM, so the package box of the new brand still do not offer manufacture information. Box itself is pretty and shows the basic selling features of this Wifi Action Camera, such as waterproof, wifi support, 4K support, 2 inch screen and so on.
When you open the box and see the camera you will find it looks very much GoPro-alike. Like lots of other action cameras from China, this one also comes with a huge amount of accessories. Here is a list of everything you get :
The wifi action camera looks identical to a GoPro Hero 4. It has 2 inch screen on the back, a 0.75 inch screen on the front , a power button on the front, a wifi button on the left side and an shutter button on the up side. The design of the 4K action camera is attractive.
Shutter Button - Take photos or start/stop recording a video
WiFi - Enable/Disable WiFi
Power/Mode Button - Turn camera on/off by holding this button. Switch between photo, video and different resolutions by quickly pressing it.
LCD Display - Shows mode, amount of photos you can take or length of videos you can record based on your memory card. Top tight corner shows whether the wifi Is on and top left corner shows the battery status.
Lens and sensor
This 4K action camera has 170 degrees, f/2.0 lens and Sunplus 6350M sensor chipset.  
LCD Screen
Unlike many other action cameras, this Wi-Fi action camera has two screens.
Recording video is most important aspect of an action camera.
UHD 4K 15 fps
UHD 4K 10 fps
2.7K 24 fps
2.7K 15 fps
1080p 60 fps
1080p 30 fps
Like nearly any other action camera these days, Topjoyonline TH3 allows you to take photographs. According to the official specification, camera can create images in following resolutions :
20M (5152 x 3864)
8M  (3264 x 2448)
5M  (2592 x 1944)
Ez iCam WiFi App
Like many other action camera that supports WiFi, Topjoyonline TH3 has its own app which lets you to control camera remotely within the WiFi reach. Within the app, besides taking photos and videos, you can also chose from different settings which you can only adjust inside the app, not on the camera. So the app gives you some extra capabilities.
What makes Topjoyonline TH3R different then other cameras?
One of the biggest questions is : with so many other action camera that are available in the same price range, Why should chose this action camera instead? Indeed, the hardware the software of this wifi action camera isn’t as good as GoPro Hero 4 and many other 4K action camera. While the biggest advantage of this Wi-Fi action camera would be its wholesale factory price. Want to know how cheap? Contact