Using Action Cameras While Fishing

"When the angler is landing or holding fish, extend the ActionCam out on a stalk well outside the boat, looking in, and let it snap away,” says Sport Fish


Five unconventional uses of an action camera you never thought off

Actions cameras typically pack in a lot of features, high quality wide angle lens and performance into a lightweight and rugged design. You can use these cameras for things where a standard camera would easily fail or break.


10 Things To Remember When Buying Your First Action Cam

There is a really high demand for action cameras within the country. however with lots of competitive corporations out there obtaining nearly identical styles a


Buying a GoPro or TopJoy Action Camera: 7 Useful Things You Need To Know

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the key points you would like to know regarding action cameras, to help you find the one that’s right for you.


Olympic Games and Action Camera: Choosing Topjoyonline TS08 to Record Any Moments

Recording every important moment of yours using a camera is a great idea, especially in the Olympic Games which has already been started and gives a great chan


Topjoyonline TH3 is the cheapest GoPro 4K Action Camera Alternative

Looking for a decent action camera? More specifically, looking for other than GoPro Action Camera? You have made the right decision by dropping by this page. Most folks already know that GoPro is a little bit too expensive to afford. While it is a great c


Topjoy Launched New Lifestyle Action Camera

Going traveling? Or snowboarding? Take an action camera! When you are planning to go abroad or elsewhere, there are few of items you will need to bring than a camera, other than precious items like cash, passport, luggage, etc. An action camera is one inc


The Size of The Sports Action camera Market is Growing Rapidly

The digital camera market shrinking but sports action camera market is growing rapidly
The data from Japanese film and TV equipment industry association shows that after the traditional digital camera shipments reaching peak in 2010, the camera of smart


Views on Sports Action Camera Future Market

At present, the main sports camera users are those who both have a passion for sport and like to share video on social networking sites. Seeing from the action camera stock proportion, United States, Europe, the Middle East and Africa has a high love spor


Views on Sports Action Camera Industry Chain

Sports action camera is a kind of equipment born to record the outdoor sports, it belongs to a kind of POV camera. Compared with the traditional camera, sports action camera can be fixed on a human body, helmets, skateboard, bicycle handle, and even a dog


Does Low Price Chinese Sports Camera Means Bad Quality?

From outward appearance, Topjoyonline TH3 sports action camera and GoPro Hero4 is identical with 1:1 same size. Due to expensive price, barrios or student groups still have certain difficulties to buy Gopro action camera, Chinese sports camera can beat Go


Sports Action Camera Guide: Sports Action Camera Comprehensive Characteristics

Sports action camera become smaller, on the resolution and frame rate has greatly improved, become more powerful. At the same time, action camera has added new functions, such as: connected to external sensors, automatic video editor. Here are the main ch


Why not Travel with Action Camera?

In this travel season, will you hold a bulky SLR to go out? When having great fun with your families or friends, do you plan to be Superman that hold a heavy large SLR to record your happy travel? Or buy a selfie to photo yourself after your pose ready?


Advantages of Sports Action Camera with Remote Control

With advanced technology, mountain climbing, cycling, hiking, and even swimming will never be the same. Why? One simple answer: action camera helps record the exciting moments. Being able to shoot hands free is a major advantage of action camera that with


China Factory Wholesale 4K Action Camera with Remote Control

Unlike few other famous action camera brands from China, you may find it is very hard to find something out about Topjoyonline. Topjoyonline as a brand is quite new to the market. Topjoy manufacturers action camera in many different colors and offers 4K a


4 Differences Between Action Camera and Ordinary Camera

The change that action camera brings to sports photography is enormous, it has incomparable advantage over ordinary camera. Although both are camera, there are some differences between action camera and ordinary camera.


10 Functions of USB OTG Cable

1. If USB flash disk connected with mobile phone via USB OTG cable, mobile phone can read data in USB flash disk;
2. If hard disk (some, not all) connected with mobile phone via USB OTG cable, mobile phone can read data in hard disk;
3. If keyboard conn


Seeing Action Camera Market from GoPro Action Camera

To talk about the action camera, we should start viewing from the overseas market. We always think the GoPro is become popular suddenly, in fact, before being an listed company, it has developed 8 years. American action camera market is not exist from the


What’s the difference of OTG cable and USB cable?

USB cable is a necessary digital accessory in everyday life. With the rapid development of mobile phone industry, OTG cable gradually sleek into the public's view. But USB cable and OTG cable look so similar, so what are the differences between OTG cable


Will You Buy China-Made Action Camera?

When it comes to action camera, the first to say is GoPro, which is one of the most famous brand camera in the sports field and absolutely the king of action camera. In the field of the action camera, China-Made almost can be ignored. But, the qualities o


Waterproof and Anti-shock, This 4K Action Camera looks the Same as GoPro Hero4

Extreme sports are very popular now, especially for Europeans. How to capture the moments of extreme sports? Of course is to use the action camera! But the action cameras must withstand the test of all kinds of extreme conditions with athletes. Here intro


USB OTG 2in1 Cable: How to Use it to export Smart Phone Data to USB Flash Disk

Traditionally, when smart phone storage is not enough for new file, people would connect their smart phone to a Mac/PC by USB cable, but USB OTG 2in1 cable makes it possible for smart phone to connect directly to USB flash disk, so you can export your vid


This Cheap 4K Action Camera is 30 Meters Waterproof

Topjoyonline’s new 4K action camera, called the TH9, is one of the cheapest 4K action camera from China action camera factory Topjoy. In addition, this 4K action camera is support 30 Meters Waterproof, really? Let’s see the specifications of this UHD 4K a