Selfie Camera or Sport camera? 360 New Product Keeps a Mystery


Recently, a netizens shared a picture on weibo, saying that 360 is going to launch a new hardware. Before the final answer is known, netizen are curious and gussing what this new gadget is.

 Selfie Camera or Sport camera? 360 New Product Keeps a Mystery

Guess 1: Selfie Camera Most female net friend say, the photo shows this mysterious new product is placed in the bag, its appearance is very close to pocket camera, so 360 is going to launch a dedicated photo camera this time? This guess makes sense. In the past year, pictures of the "Lao Zhou and his friends" are hot all over the Internet, Zhou himself have honored "selfie master". From this angle to analyze, the special selfie camera that cater to the requirements of female users seems reasonable. But then again, if the upcoming release of the new product is a camera, then it will not be a traditional camera equipment, it most likely to have access to the Internet. Functions such as support mobile connection, cloud storage, and image transmission through the APP, beautification, the novel function such as a key social platform to share are very likely come with this camera


Guess 2: Sports Camera Besides selfie camera, there was speculation that new product might be sports camera. As is known to all, the sports camera is hot at home and abroad, from star higher-ups to ordinary outdoor enthusiasts, nearly everyone owns one. Face the rapid rise of the action camera market, 360, who has successfully made with WIFI, security router, children watch, vehicle traveling data recorder, and other hot product, seems to be logical to start sports camera business.


Guess 3: Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder There is a sound that say this new product is 360 second generation vehicle traveling data recorder. First of all, from the point of the time span view, 360 has launched its first intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder last may, after nearly a year, the new product appear at this time, in conformity with the iteration patterns of hardware products. Second, use the elimination method to analysis, 360 have been emphasized the technology to do have a temperature, based on the concept of drive, 360 children watch, 360 smart camera, 360 vehicle traveling data recorder, etc. Therefore, 360 make a pure photo camera possibility is not too big. Moreover, comparing the appearance of most sports cameras on the market, the picture shows the lens of this new gadget is too big, so it has a different appearance with motion camera.


In analysis, eliminate the two possible items and new products for the probability of vehicle traveling data recorder is the largest.