4K Action Camera That Equipped with Editing Functions


Recently, an intelligent action camera called Revl Arc appears on Indiegogo. It is said that this camera is the world's first 4K action camera that joined the comprehensive stability technology and intelligent automatic editing technology. Action camera can capture exciting adventure videos, but the picture is always unstable, later need to spend a lot of effort to edit, which is very annoying. Revl Arc 4K sports camera combines the comprehensive stability technology and intelligent automatic editing technology to solve the problem.

4K Action Camera That Equipped with Editing Functions

This action camera is cylindrical, 2.8 inches (70 mm) long, 1.8 inches in diameter (45 mm). The camera is waterproof, shockproof, can work under water 10 feet (3 m), if deeper, users can buy diving cases.


Overall stability is the biggest advantage of REVL. The technology is a combination of electronic and physical principle of stability, no matter you are in the fly, or rapid movement, this 4k action camera can keep the images stable. But if you are towards the mountain or the sky, it seems not so stable as described.


Built-in uniaxial framework, when the action camera rotates, it won't use the other two axes to maintain the electronic image stability. This can reduce the general movement of shaking screen. The built-in gyroscope allows the action camera view remains in a horizontal position. According to the official, the uniaxial design can reduce the general motion of camera shaking screen, and a built-in gyroscope allows the camera Angle of view has remained in a horizontal position, the four sensors can track the movement and the height.


In terms of video recording, REVL Arc action camera support three video recording modes, including 4K @ 30FPS, 1080p @ 30FPS/60FPS/120 FPS, and 720P @ 60FPS/120FPS/240FPS. Video resolution pixels can be 4K at 30 frames per second; Pixels to full hd 1080p can up to 120 frames per second to shoot slow motion videos; and 720p can achieve 240 frames per second.


In addition, the camera can take still images, and supports four 12 million pixels continuous shooting mode, and support 149 degrees wide angle and F2.8 lens. Shooting video can be directly stored in the SD card, and the action camera support up to 128 gb of SD card. In addition, its working time range is 1.5 hours. Via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connections, it can be used together and Smartphone applications, currently only support iOS, but the support for android applications are under developing. The application can adjust the edit and share on social media. In iOS and Apple Watch applications can preview the real-time video of the shoot, can live webcast.


It is worth mentioning that its post-processing function, Revl Arc App bring editing functions, with various technical algorithm can quickly let you edit shooting video, so you don't have to spend a lot of time on the editing video.


At present, Revl Arc intelligent motion on Indiegogo camera, with the lowest price of $349 (RMB 2263) for pre-order. If all goes well, the shipment is expected to begin in December. The development team is located in San Francisco, California, USA. If you are a professional sports enthusiasts you can consider to buy one, but if you are not, then here suggest cheaper action camera.