360 Degree Panoramic Camera Develop Along with VR Technology


 Due to using multiple lenses, how to guarantee the frame synchronization exposure while do not produce through the feeling when in image fusion and superposition, become another key technology for panoramic camera. For example, when filming a live concert, stage lighting brightness is very high, often the video frame rate photographed is high, and  audience are seating in dark, video frame rate is low, the corresponding two camera down need ensure the video frame rate is consistent so that it can guarantee the finally 360 degree panoramic video or image is seamless and nature. Insta360 solution is to bridge two cameras, establish communication channels, and solve the problem of frame synchronization.

360 Degree Panoramic Camera Develop Along with VR technology

More lens some extent can reduce exposure of sync problem, but in the layout of hardware and the software part split algorithm fusion algorithm for processing takes a long time. In potato impression on the season, for example, youku potatoes for the first time video shooting technology to 360 degrees, the adopted six Gopro combination for panoramic photography, but after the meeting need to every memory CARDS video export and late splicing processing, the major events of panoramic video, make product process may need two months or so.
Can you shoot video real-time splicing and exported directly as soon as possible about the user experience, especially in view of the user pay attention to the social sharing, this is a point of Liu Jingkang extra value, "we think can see panoramic camera out and basic requirements", hence Insta360 using compression technology in product design, the real-time rendering level do together, and build the sharing and distribution of content platform, compatible with cell phone, pad, PC, etc. Now almost all the mainstream of the terminal.
Tourism, wedding, real estate developers will also be a panoramic camera as a new sales tool, using the 360 - degree panoramic camera under the full picture of the building, panoramic video display form let buyers understand more clearly the details of their houses and the surrounding environment, alleviate concerns for housing development in the future, head of the household to accelerate trade process, especially for overseas buyers, can more easily to prophase survey was carried out on the house, now vanke, green space to become early adopters.
But the panoramic camera technology is still in the bud, exist problems and opportunities at the same time.Only from the point of the two meetings later video, image quality is generally poor, even if the selection shown the highest 1080 p video website still effect."Taken out glass definition is high, the main reason lies in the level of broadband problem. In terms of the current network environment, most of the site does not support distributed 4 k video, news media against major broadband video to do optimization, nor so published to the web site will be compressed and clarity will fall."According to this problem Liu Jingkang told reporters, "in the future also need to upgrade the network environment or compression technology upgrade, pictures don't lost a lot of quality."Liu Jingkang added.
Secondly in terms of terminal market acceptance, and in accordance with the universal law of new products, products are often on the capital side first, then spread to the consumer, it takes time to education users.Distributors and agents at the same time in order to reduce to the risk of inventory, who don't want to be the first to eat crab, linked together lead to the market to accept cycle take a long time.
"Abroad market pay attention to the products, while the domestic market focus on concept, to make a panoramic camera become a everybody need gadget, VR terminal can be achieved after popularization, for the present VR cost cannot drop down in a shorter time, different grade and level of products in the market, the pricing is uneven, I fear the market is too many low-end products will disappoint consumers, hinder the popularization and development of products."Another dilemma Liu Jingkang says the current panoramic camera.
"For the moment, 360 degree panoramic camera is not a big market, but with VR is widely accepted, production will continue to rise, at the time of big industry took off competition will be more and more fierce, SONY, samsung, LG learned will launch the corresponding products, to gain a foothold must constantly update the products."Qiming reflectance Thai partner. Higher resolution, resolution, longer battery life, smaller volume, compression technology upgrade, and so on, these are the panoramic camera need continued to overcome technical difficulties. But the future discussion hot adult industry, or education or virtual shopping, digital panoramic camera company VR technology are full of imagination.